Small Group Crochet Classes

Small Group Crochet Classes

Hello, friends!


Recently, I have had the amazing opportunity to connect with many of you at the Eagle Mountain Library this summer. Teaching beginner crochet classes has been a blast, and it has also helped me identify some ways I can further serve this community. 

I am now opening up my home to small group crochet lessons. What this means is that you can come learn how to crochet a small project for a very low cost! For example, in order to buy all of the colors of yarn and materials for making my bird keychain you’d spend more than $95! In my classes, all the materials will be provided in the affordable class fee, and we will work in groups of up to 12 (some projects will be a small class size) so that you can get the individualized help that you need to succeed with crocheting. 

If you’re considering taking a class but would like some more information, you can reach out to me via email or social media! 

You’ll find my available classes listed on my website. The available times and dates are in the listing and you’ll need to select the correct time and date when you add it to cart. You don’t need to bring anything to class, unless you want to! This is meant to be an affordable way for you all to be able to get more individualized help with your crochet projects without having to buy everything on your own at the store.

It truly has been an absolute pleasure of mine to see so many youth and their parents dedicate time to a new skill. I hope that we can all have a great time at the remaining free crochet lessons at the Eagle Mountain Library this 2024 summer. I have many great classes planned! 


All the best,

Annie Adair 

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